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Key Stakes

Data projects and more globally digital transformation programs are more than ever key subjects for companies. Innovation has become strategic and disrupts established processes. But how can the company transform itself as a whole? How can we turn innovation into a growth lever and make it a driving force for all employees?

The digitalization of economic exchanges, the ever-increasing importance of new technologies and the multiplication of information access points (web, smartphones and connected objects...) support growing development of data within the companies. Big Data and the exploitation (identification, collection, storage, analysis and valuation) of both relevant internal and external data are major business and strategic challenges: using innovation, improving the reliability and enhancing the value of data to create value and enabling informed decision-making are all competitive advantages.

In a context of strategic choices and strong investments in digital tools, it is crucial to successfully move from a process-centric approach to a data-centric approach. Knowing how to use new technologies to support business transformation, adopting new and more efficient work methods and implementing indicators to monitor and measure digital performance have become essential challenges for all companies.

Our Expertise

We support your digital & data transformation, from strategy to the delivery of turnkey projects and in the definition of Smart Data: an intelligent data reflecting the best business knowledge to support decision-making processes in an efficient way.

Our offer covers the entire information value chain from its collection and reliability to advanced analysis :

  • Strategy: considering data challenges in your company's strategic agenda and defining a digital transformation plan
  • Governance: defining a clear governance and a shared culture around data
  • Framing and trajectory: Defining the business challenges, mapping the business uses and identifying the best data driven strategy
  • Data intelligence: supporting the creation of an efficient data platform and ensuring that data becomes information accessible to as many people as possible
  • Dashboards & performance measurement: defining customized strategic dashboards fitted to business management issues and implementing "cockpit" views that integrate performance indicators

Our Services

We support the enhancement of data’s information assets within organizations and the use of new technologies to support transformation. Our services are based on two pillars.

Data Management or the adoption of best practices in data management :

  • Data governance and organizational effectiveness
  • Mapping of sensitive data
  • Data quality and metadata management (dictionaries...)
  • Master Data Management
  • Data security management and authorizations
  • Big Data and data architecture (collection, sharing, distribution...)

Analytics or the transformation of data into business intelligence :

  • Reporting, Business Intelligence and performance management
  • Data Discovery and Business Analytics
  • Segmentation, correlation, behavioral analysis, predictive analysis

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