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IMAGE55At SIGMA we have convictions

We believe that our strength, what makes our value, are our consultants whom we constantly encourage to learn and undertake.

Our employees are recruited on the basis of their professional expertise as well as their human qualities. They embody diversity because their life experiences matter as much as their professional experiences.

Profits, turnover, market share ... are not the alpha and omega with us, but just a way to do well and do more on ESG domains. We believe that our wealth is what we create, produce and transmit to our employees, customers and partners.

We are independent and agile. We therefore have the opportunity of being able to challenge the models in place, to offer a tailor-made solution to each of our clients, to give them the best of us. Our time, our energies, our skills, our experiences.

Our greatest satisfaction is when our clients gain expertise on a subject or recognize the quality of our work and our skills by calling on us for new assignments.

Transmission is a cardinal value for us. This is why we collaborate with training organizations and schools. Training professionals in the areas of organization, transformation, risk management, audit, internal control and regulatory compliance is one of our core businesses and our great pride.