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Who are we ?
What we stand for

Who are we ?

We are committed to sharing our convictions and our corporate culture.

What defines us and comes from what we stand for is:

Managing through values

Sharing values, promoting initiative and encouraging a participatory management allow our consultants to flourish, to have a real impact on the firm and to invest in projects in line with their convictions.

Our long-term priority strategy

seeing further and bigger, leaving time to reach ambitious objectives, taking a step back, anticipating the changes and transformations to come, thinking about the short, medium- and long-term effects are our objectives. We seek to achieve it as much for our clients as for the firm.

Alignment of the corporate vision and economic, social and environmental objectives

we are concerned about the social utility and the ESG impact of the firm. We thus wish to promote the initiative and commitment of our employees through solidarity actions. Getting involved, being useful, sharing experience and transmitting promotes personal achievement for everyone but is also the keystone of our profession as a consultant.

Our added value
What we bring

Our added value

Our client-oriented approach

We have been in the shoes of our clients and we know how much concrete and pragmatic solutions are essential for the success of a project or a transformation. Client satisfaction is rooted in our value system and in our quality standards. Measuring results for our clients is therefore essential for us.

Our “field” culture

Coming from the business side, we know the challenges and constraints that operational teams may have. We analyze situations, take into account all parameters, propose solutions and help our clients to implement them operationally.

Our constant search for the creation of shared value

Sharing creation of value empower our team, clients and company at the same time. Sharing the generated value is the best way to maximize it through common goals and aligned interests.

Our quest for global performance and not just financial performance

We believe that ESG, growth, digital transformation and operational performance are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary the different dimensions of global performance. Finding a balance between them is the main stake of any organization.

Our credo

Our values

Building trust

Working in confidence and fostering human relations is the foundation of our relationships with our customers and partners


The solution to each problem is often in the question itself, listening to client needs and challenges is the first step to offer an appropriate solution

Maintaining a team spirit

We promote collaboration, teamwork, kindness and the sharing of knowledge and experience

Promoting entrepreneurship

We encourage entrepreneurship and initiative