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Intervention levels

SIGMA Partners works on audit and diagnostic matters for companies (excluding financial and accounting audits).

Our missions are mainly dedicated to 3 main types of audit :

Outsourced internal audit

SIGMA is members of the French Institute of Internal Audit (IFACI). We provide our clients with experienced and qualified auditors in the audited areas and we bring them a rigorous and widely tested audit approach. Our audits comply in particular with the ISO 19011 standard and the International Reference Framework for Professional Practices in Internal Auditing (CRIPS).

We can :
- Ensure the outsourcing of the Internal Audit Function of our clients;

- Take charge of the design, implementation and management of annual audit plans;

- Intervene punctually or more regularly in the realization of all or part of the audit plan in substitution or in support of the internal auditors.

We are committed to helping our clients to find the right balance between risks, costs and added value while promoting sustainable performance through the implementation of short, medium and long-term action plans.

Compliance audits

Our regulatory compliance audits can be preventive and aim to reduce the probability of a risk occurring (operational, non-compliance, image, reputation, sanctions...), or support a remediation plan in order to secure the responses to the recommendations of internal auditors and/or regulators.

In all cases, if strict compliance with the regulatory framework is a prerequisite, our consultants endeavor to formulate the recommendations that are most appropriate to the size, activities, context and risks of our clients. They are keen to formulate recommendations that are simple and quick to implement, but also to propose structured and effective action plans in order to facilitate the implementation of more delicate and complex recommendations.

In this context, our consultants may use change management tools such as training, workshops or the organization of working seminars to support the implementation of the action plan.

Organizational audits

We carry out 3 types of organizational audits :

Diagnosis of the company's organization

We have developed a methodological know-how for conducting audits on governance, organization, processes, outsourced functions and also on information systems.

At SIGMA Partners, we believe that the main objective of an organizational diagnosis is not only to identify "WHAT" to implement but to launch the implementation phase with the maximum chance of success by determining the "HOW" to do it in the most efficient way possible.

Quality audits

Our consultants support our customers who wish to identify the gaps in relation to a recognized standard, such as ISO 9001 concerning quality, or ISO31000 concerning risk management, in one of the following objectives :

1. To be audited or to define actions to be qualified or certified;

2. To impose a standard on itself ;

3. To certify or qualify a subcontractor.

 Operational Excellence diagnostics

These diagnoses are carried out within the framework of a consequent improvement project of an important part of an organization.

Our mission is generally broken down into four areas :

1. Identify the possible drivers and levers of improvement as well as the main causes of performance or added value losses

2. Define the priorities or the stakes associated with these levers (increase in turnover or quality, reduction in costs or lead time...

3. Define a more or less detailed improvement plan

4. Obtain a sufficient level of consensus and commitment from the organization's key players to move to the implementation phase (communication, training, workshops, etc.)