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People are at the heart of SIGMA Partners' value proposition. Their well-being at work and their fulfillment are intimately linked

The professional development of each individual is the key to any collective success

We encourage autonomy, initiative, mutual aid, experience sharing and innovation, and support each employee in taking on responsibilities and increasing their skills.   

A place for intrapreneurship

Our consultants are free to take initiatives and propose projects within the framework of our "Change Factory". Everyone has the opportunity to carry out "internal" or solidarity missions according to their talents, interests and aspirations.

We attach great importance to diversity and inclusion

Equity, parity and the integration of seniors are priorities in our HR policy.

Our work environment is paramount

The layout of our new premises has been designed with the involvement of everyone in order to offer a friendly place, encouraging collaborative work, sharing and communication.

We have instituted 2 days of telecommuting, even outside of health crisis periods.

Finally, our afterworks, lunch and learn sessions, and seminars are all opportunities for our consultants to get together around innovative themes and convivial moments.

Humanity, commitment and openness guide us

We are involved in various solidarity initiatives because we believe that the role of any company is to generate progress and that it can have a strong impact on its environment and its employees.